Grown-Up Boy is chapter 10 of Raven's Fall fanfiction by Kai Maciel.

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Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
Okay... remember when I said this story could be twisted... here it comes. It's rated Mature for a reason! I understand Sasuke isn't acting exactly like a true five year old, but if he was too realistic the story wouldn't work. Even so, I tried to keep him as real as possible.
I would like to special thank the readers who went to see Phoenix Rising after reading the last chapter, I'm really glad you liked the story too. Like I said, I'll update it once I finish Raven's Fall.
Also, this is a side-story, it's not a sequel or an alternative story of PR. Think of this like a Naruto OVA or a Movie. Well... enjoy!
  • Second Note:
Well... I remember the first time I drank a vodka shot... God! I thought my ears were on fire! I suppose sake is pretty strong too, specially to those who aren't used to drink alchool.
I took the name Ichigo from the main character on Bleach, I don't watch it but my brother does. I found it weird a boy would be named Ichigo because it means Strawberry, well... that was the author's decision, I'm sure he had his reasons. I hope you liked the chapter.