Hidden Truths is chapter 7 of Raven's Fall fanfiction by Kai Maciel.

Summary Edit

Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
It's been awhile! Sorry, but I've been terribly busy with college and had some health problems. On the bright side, I got a PS3! Yay! Naruto Ninja Storm 2 is just awesome, totally recommend it! I'm also playing Dissidia 12, let's see if I can finish it. Enjoy!
  • Second Note:
I've always wondered how Sasuke would react if he knew about Obito. I'm not sure I prortrayed it very well... but I felt that Sasuke needed to know this. Most readers already got what happened. The question is how is this gonna end, huh? Well... I have an ending in mind, I'm not sure of how to get there though. Well see... Once again, thanks for reading and for your wonderful reviews. They bright my day! See ya!

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