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AnnouncementArrival at Unmei Islands ArcAwakening
Before the PhoenixBest FriendsBlack Phoenix, Red Phoenix
Black Rebirth of the Phoenix TechniqueBondsBroken Hearts
ChouCloser to the SkyConfusion
Copy Wheel EyeCorruptionCount on
CountryCrystal ArcDarkness From A Sad Heart
Darkness and LightDecisionDestroy Naruto
Don't go!Dream and NightmareFamily
FanfictionFateFather's Pride
FatherhoodFeverFire With Fire
Freak OutFugaku UchihaGhost
Grown-Up BoyHeartbeatHell Night
Hidden TruthsHinata HyugaHokage
Hold My HandIncompleteInvitation
Iruka UminoIt's OverItachi Uchiha
Kai MacielKakashi HatakeKenji
KonohagakureKushina UzumakiLeader
Light (chapter)Light Release: UzumeLost Chance
Lurking in DarknessMaking BondsMemory Special
Memory Special: Parent and ChildMemory Special: Sadness and SorrowMemory Special Arc
Mikoto UchihaNaruto's ResolutionNaruto Uzumaki
Nervous BreakdownNever Sleep, Never DieNight of the Avenger
Nikkō ArcNobunagaNobunaga's Arc
Not AloneOperation Fox HuntPast
Past and PresentPhoenix RisingPhoenix Rising Wiki
Prologue: Dream's EndRaven's FallRaven's Fall (chapter)
Rebirth ArcReborn from the AshesRed Lily
Red Phoenix: Clan Integration TechniqueRed StormRejection
Revenge ArcRiku SanadaSai
Sakura HarunoSasuke's Best FriendSasuke Uchiha
Sasuke vs. RikuShigeru SanadaShikamaru Nara
Shiraha clanShizuneSora
StrangerSurprisesSword (chapter)
TeacherTears in the SnowThe Best
The Blond ManThe Chakra ThreadThe Discovery
The Heart RemembersThe Invasion BeginsThe Price For Power
The Second StormThe Sly FoxThe Tale of Misbehaved Child
The Worst ReunionThe forest, the cat and deathThreat
Time to TalkTragedyTruth Arc
TsunadeUnmei IslandsUzumaki Sasuke
VillageWhirlpool Paper FansYamato
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File:Hold me!.jpgFile:Kenji.pngFile:Mikoto Uchiha.png
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File:Sasuke-with-blue-eyes-so-cute-naruto-shippuuden-23999852-297-331.jpgFile:Sasuke sad.pngFile:SasukesFamily-1.jpg
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