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Naruto Uzumaki
Adult Naruto Uzumaki
Kanji うずまきナルト
Rōmaji Uzumaki Naruto
Age 24
Birthday October 10, year of the Nine Tails' Rampage
Brother/Sister None
List of Jutsu * Rasengan

Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi from Konohagakure. During his final battle with Sasuke Uchiha, Sasuke is turned into an infant and Naruto takes him to Mount Myoboku where he raises him for a few months as he searched for the jutsu that de-aged his rival.

After finding out that the jutsu was irreversible, Naruto tried to abandon Sasuke at a loving home. When that failed, Naruto spent the next few years as Sasuke's father.

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