Red Phoenix: Clan Integration Technique


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Red Phoenix: Clan Integration Technique

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Black Rebirth of the Phoenix Technique

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Short, Mid, Long


Chapter 11

It's a powerful adoption technique, which the Shiraha clan used for huge amounts of money. When a member of a clan could not conceive a child, they hired a talented member of the Shiraha clan to perform this jutsu in the children who they wanted to adopt. The jutsu transforms the adopted child in a true member of the clan, transferring him or her all their powers and Kekkei Genkai. A child marked with this technique will have a black phoenix tattoo on his/her back.

The child decides which relationship he/she desires with the future relative. When that decision is made, a seal appears on the child and adoptive relative chest, transfering chakra slowly into the child. Should the adult accept the adoption, he/she must place his/her blood on the child's back, turning the black phoenix into a red phoenix tattoo. The adoptive relative's blood becomes part of the child's, turning them into true blood relatives.

When used in combination with the Black Rebirth of the Phoenix technique, the regressed opponent will also be adopted.
  • The future parent gives his/her blood
  • The new parent's DNA is incorporated by the child.