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Sasuke Uchiha
Uzumaki Sasuke
Kanji うずまきサスケ, うちはサスケ
Rōmaji Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Uzumaki
Age 7 (real age 24)
Birthday July 23, year of the Nine Tails' Rampage
Height 118 cm
Weight 22 kg
Brother/Sister * Itachi Uchiha (brother)
List of Jutsu * Light Release

Sasuke Uzumaki (うずまきサスケ, Uzumaki Sasuke) is Naruto Uzumaki’s adoptive son. He was formerly known as Sasuke Uchiha before being turned into a newborn baby. He is also known as Second Best (次善の策, Jizen no saku) in his class.

Background Edit

Sasuke was originally Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto’s former Teammate from Team 7, who defected from Konohagakure to join Orochimaru in his search for power and kill his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, who he believed to have ruthlessly wiped out his entire clan.


Sasuke Uchiha at 16 years old.

After his brother’s death and finding out the reasons behind his clan’s massacre, Sasuke went mad with grief and vowed to destroy Konoha to avenge his brother and his clan.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke fought against Naruto and was defeated. Filled with hatred and anger, he ran way. After hiding for a few months, Sasuke became obsessed with defeating Naruto and eventually became insane, destroying several small villages and mercilessly killing its habitants, while calling for Naruto to show up and imagining his parents and brother cheering him on.

When Naruto finally came to fight him, Itachi appeared as a Chakra Projection from inside Naruto, and used the Black Rebirth of the Phoenix Technique, using Naruto’s Chakra, to regress Sasuke to the moment of his birth, turning him into an infant with no memories of his past.

Personality Edit

Sasuke is depicted as a cheerful and somewhat timid child, whose dream is to become a ninja like the ones he knows from his stories. He is very close to his adoptive father and loves him deeply. As a result of his dreams about his past life, Sasuke fears that he’ll end up alone and lose Naruto.