Shiraha Clan
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白羽一族, Shiraha Ichizoku

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The Shiraha Clan (白羽一族, Shiraha Ichizoku) was once a powerful clan in the Land of Trees.


Its members were known for their rejuvenation techniques and manipulation of genetics. This clan is unique in the whole world. However, it grew smaller as years and wars went by.

The ninjas who belonged to the clan participated in the First Shinobi World War and became feared because of their abilities to rejuvenate an opponent to the point being to weak to fight. However, there were only a few talented shinobi capable of doing those techniques, so the clan retreated from battles and became unknown, trying to avoid an invasion.

The clan members built their homes on the Fushichō Mountain and became scholars. Only about two hundred members still remain.

Their techniques have faded into oblivion and most people believe they never existed at all.


  • Black Rebirth of the Phoenix Technique: the clan's most powerful, dangerous and feared jutsu. Using chakra alone, the user can remove years from the body and mind of an opponent, regressing him/her in age. The more chakra used, more years are removed from the opponent. The technique is permanent and the opponent's memories, knowledge, maturity and power are lost forever.
  • Red Phoenix: Clan Integration Technique: it's a powerful adoption technique, which the Shiraha clan used for huge amounts of money. When a member of a clan could not conceive a child, they hired a talented member of the Shiraha clan to perform this jutsu in the children who they wanted to adopt. The jutsu transforms the adopted child in a true member of the clan, transferring him or her all their powers and Kekkei Genkai.

Known MembersEdit

  • Hikari Shiraha: She is the clan's current leader, and was very knowledgeable of her clan's techniques.
  • Mamoru Shiraha: Unknown to him, he's Hikari's great-uncle, Katashi, and former leader of the Shiraha Clan. He instructed fifteen clan members to use the Black Rebirth of the Phoenix on himself to stay in power longer, however, the jutsu removed seventy-eight years of his life instead of the planned fifty years because of each members' chakra reserves, turning him into a 2 year old toddler. He was adopted by Hikari.
  • Nozumo Shiraha: Mamoru's son.
  • Yumi Shiraha: Mamoru's daughter.

Trivia Edit

  • "Shiraha" means white feather.
  • This clan appears in both Phoenix Rising and Raven's Fall fanfictions.

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