Stranger is chapter 3 of Raven's Fall fanfiction by Kai Maciel.

Summary Edit

Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
Hey there! As always, thanks for reading this fic. Naruto is a bit OOC in here, and that's intentional. So far, only narubby23 got closer to the truth... but not entirely. Anyway, congratulations! Like I said, this is gonna be a bit twisted.
Warning: Spoilers about recent manga chapters; Sasuke's swearing and ruthless Naruto. Enjoy!
  • Second Note:
So, Sasuke wanted to sever his bond with Naruto and the village, and he got it. I always wondered how Sasuke would react to Naruto's comtempt. If Sasuke hates the entire village because the elders decided to wipe out his clan, then it's fair for Naruto to hate the Uchiha because Madara ruined his life. I know Naruto would never blame Sasuke, so don't worry. I have something up my sleeve. Thanks for reading.

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